Dr. Peter Lee Is a Certified Invisalign® Provider


Bummed Out About Needing Braces?

With Invisalign Teen®, you have a new option for straightening your teeth. These aligners are nearly invisible — most people won’t even realize that you are wearing them.

I Have Enough to Worry About. Now I Need Braces?


We know that you’ve got plenty going on — football games, yearbook pictures, dating. Don’t worry. During Invisalign Teen treatment, you won’t need to hide your smile, give up your social life or quit playing sports. Invisalign Teen allows you to live life uninterrupted because they are:

  • Clear
  • Comfortable
  • Removable
  • Made just for you

Popcorn, Pizza … You Bet!

You’ve probably heard about food restrictions from friends with braces. Because Invisalign Teen is removable, you can eat whatever you want! You won’t need to worry about breaking a bracket or losing a rubber band.

Keep Living Your Life

Invisalign Teen aligners are very comfortable and durable. They are perfect for any extracurricular activities. Whether you are on the swim team, soccer team or playing in the band, you won’t have to worry about braces getting in the way.

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